How to Self-publish the Smart Way

By: R.G. Johnston

Self-publish the smart way is all about maximizing profits, by minimizing costs. Minimizing costs means doing as much as you can (DIY) in marketing, pre-press and book production.

When I talk to people at markets and fairs, I’m asked how I self-publish my books. It’s always a pleasure for me to share what I know, because I believe writers-beginners or otherwise-can self-publish. It takes a bit of knowledge and a bit of skill; with time, both can be learned. It’s why I started

Whether you want to print short-runs and sell direct, print on demand, or e-books, if you want to self-publish you can learn the process just like I did. It’s my hope that my experience will help you meet that goal. One of the most inspiring things about self-publishing is that the more you can do, the more satisfying it is and more of the money stays in your pocket.

I designed so you can follow my steps as far as you’re comfortable with and hand the rest of the pre-press and book production process (print or e-book) over to someone else. Please remember there is willingness involved, but I’m hoping that as you discover more and more of the self-publishing process and you realize that you can take your manuscript and see it in book form-you’ll want to go to the finish.

The next few articles will break down the self-publishing process that I do. There are several things that you should be aware of, if you’re thinking of taking the self-publishing path. My plan for is to simplify the steps as much as possible and be as detailed and as systematic in my explanation as I can.

Under these topics, I’ll post articles detailing everything you need to know to take your story and turn it into what you visualize; so you can share it with the world. I’ll bring up marketing, promoting and selling, again and again. You’ll see how they permeate every aspect of a self-publisher’s life. I’ll talk about online marketing, too.

To connect with people online, you’ll need to learn how to get found on the internet.   The WordPress® community and selfpublishingthesmartway Facebook community are places where you share your questions, challenges, and triumphs with others.

Thanks for visiting my real estate on the web and giving me a voice to share my knowledge and my self-publishing experience.

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